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Let me ask you. If your lifelong best friend changed the way people addressed their skin health and helped millions improve their self-esteem, if she passed on her legacy of success by inviting you to become an independent business partner with her to have a better financial future, and if she asked you to share that gift with others, what would your answer be?

Imagine if you had had the opportunity to partner with two famous Stanford trained dermatologists when they first launched a world renowned acne treatment nearly 20 years ago. When my close childhood friend and one of these amazing Doctors asked me to be part of her new company, there was absolutely no way I could say no. It is a privilege to be part of this history making direct selling company. We have been in the direct selling arena only 5 years now, won dozens of prestigious awards including the "Stevie" from the American Business Awards for consumer products and we closed 2014 at over $330 million in sales. Our brand is the fourth largest prestige skincare company in the U.S. (after Estee Lauder, Lancome and Clinique) AND the fastest growing prestige skincare company in the U.S. 

I'm inviting YOU to be one of the FIRST in your area to become an independent business owner and virtual distributor for this award winning prestige skincare company, bringing "dermatology to the home". These amazing Doctors are now sharing their success and inviting us to capitalize on the $3.9 billion dollar anti aging skincare market. You can position yourself to financially benefit from the hypergrowth we are experiencing and I need COMMITTED SALES LEADERS immediately to fill the distribution demand for our products across the U.S. and Canada. We are going global and expanding rapidly. Join my team and we will work together to create a legacy with the Doctors.

The Independent Consultant Business Opportunity - A Virtual Social Commerce Business Model

I am building a team of independent consultants, to partner, coach and mentor them as independent business owners. Our DSA award winning direct selling company is heavily focused on the $3.9 billion dollar anti-aging market, expected to double in several years. I am looking for sharp, savvy entrepreneurial men and women to help me expand markets across the U.S. , Canada and for future international expansion. Independent Consultants may earn a lucrative, residual commission + bonuses compensation plan (1099 income), with unlimited income potential & no territories. No inventory required. You'll receive online websites to conduct business. Please contact me at with your resume. 

About Victoria Elbrecht:

I'm a Chicago area commercial real estate entrepreneur operating our family business with my husband. We are celebrating 25 years of success and I firmly believe everyone should create a supplemental income stream alongside their core business to provide an annuity for their family's future. Now I fully appreciate the rewards that come from having a lucrative secondary, residual income while I continue to operate my family business. The  Business System is a proven model that includes exceptional training and leadership support. I have served on many boards of chambers of commerce, economic development and charitable groups in my community and I have never seen a business model for empowering others quite like the company I am proud to be an Independent Consultant with. Partnering with these famous Doctors is creating a legacy with a brilliant future, the freedom to live on my own terms and I want to share that with others. I'm thrilled about going on this journey with the Doctors and my team of entrepreneurial independent business partners. Now we get to help people have access to great skin and education, empower them to find more freedom and to transform lives in a meaningful way. Join my team! Email your resume to